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Do you want to play as a pro? Maximize your playing potential and improve your technical, tactical, physical and psychological development. Test your performance against academy players at professional clubs in Europe.

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About coach

Ian McClurg @ian_mcclurg was raised in Northern Ireland. After serious injury as a young player he went on and established himself as an internationally recognized performance coach, author and talent identification expert. He is a licensed UEFA A coach that has led many players to become pro football players.


  • Founded and Established 1v1 Soccer as one of Canada’s leading private soccer academies
  • North American Recruiter/Coach for Fleetwood Town FC
  • Internationally recognized magazine contributor and blogger on talent identification, team performance & coaching development
  • Former Toronto FC Academy Coach and Ontario Provincial Coach


  • Masters in Performance Coaching at University of Stirling, Scotland
  • UEFA A licence
  • Professional Football Scouting Association – Level 1 & 2 Talent Identification in Football
  • NLP Sport & Performance Practitioner
  • Masters in Business Administration

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